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Each unit is designed to host groups spanning from 30 to 160 people with overhead coverage and seating for 80+ attendees. Port-A-Party units have been deployed to a variety of private and public events featuring a wide array of venues including: Corporate campuses, professional and collegiate sporting events, festivals, holiday events, NASCAR, concert tours, local & state government facilities, charity events, and many more. In every case, Port-A-Party events are met with resounding enthusiasm and excitement.

  • Port-A-Party set-up takes from one to two hours.
  • The minimum configuration is 24’x40′ and a full party configuration is 40′ x 40′
  • Seating capacity is 20+ at the bar and 60+ with the provided tables & chairs.
  • Entertainment options include: DVDs, CDs, satellite, standard HD broadcast and MP3s.
  • Also the unit will accommodate direct feeds from cameras and TV stations.